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Fisher King/Philoctetes slash. _
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03:26:04 PM, Friday 28 May 2004

Someone tell me how to get my neck to stop hurting. _
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12:49:50 PM, Friday 28 May 2004

Brek-kek-kek-kek ko-ax ko-ax! Brek-kek-kek-kek ko-ax! _
12:33:04 PM, Wednesday 26 May 2004

And now, a sensible chap who lives in Missoula. _
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11:49:08 AM, Wednesday 26 May 2004

I had this stuck in my head for hours the other day. And I pass the blessings on to you. _
06:14:55 PM, Tuesday 25 May 2004

And my new Summer Reading Goal (did you guys have those? you read a certain number of books over the summer, get the sheet signed by your mom, and they give you a free ice cream cone and a certificate with a bespectacled bookworm on it) is: More Books Than Hours of Television Per Week. If I keep it up 'til the last day of August, Julia has promised to supply the ice cream. Score. _
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03:48:50 PM, Tuesday 25 May 2004

This library is full of people wearing scents from my past. Just a little while ago I was sitting next to a guy who was wearing the same aftershave my best friend from high school used to wear, and now I'm smelling some strong alkali shampoo or something that's tremendously evocative, though I can't... quite... place it. Not a nice smell, and I can't decide whether it's a nice memory or not, but it's strong, whatever it is. Damn, it's driving me nuts. _
03:44:44 PM, Tuesday 25 May 2004

I'm at the library. I've got five minutes of internet time before I've got to log off, and then I think I can get back on again for another half hour in a an hour or so. Something like that. Recommend me books. If you can name a book that I wanna read and that the library's got on its shelves before the end of my second half hour, I'll write you a clerihew on the historical figure of your choice. _
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02:39:20 PM, Tuesday 25 May 2004

See? I told you so. From the nephew: Partially Clips. _
01:18:52 PM, Tuesday 25 May 2004

"Land-O-Leech, Spread With First Strike![tm]"

-- the Nephew again. He's pretty much my only direct source of amusement at the moment, so expect to hear a lot of this sort of thing. _
11:59:41 AM, Tuesday 25 May 2004

"So when you're throwing away a garbage can, how do you signify that you want the garbage can taken?"
-- the Nephew _
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06:18:12 PM, Monday 24 May 2004

From a cold morning to a wet evening. Or a muggy day to a smoky summer. Empty beds. Scent. Scowling. Paradise. _
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06:21:56 AM, Monday 24 May 2004

T.I.A.I.L.W.: Urchin caps. _
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09:57:46 PM, Sunday 23 May 2004

So mindblowingly glorious. Oy. Oh. Oof. Yes. Yes. _
09:12:43 PM, Sunday 23 May 2004

Do believe this'll be my last bout of bloggage before my ferociously anticipated Weekend in New York. So... {waggles fingers}

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12:23:06 AM, Saturday 22 May 2004

My left foot is tingling. Now it's stopped. _
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03:59:42 PM, Friday 21 May 2004

I need to leave this house. Lord above. _
02:53:11 PM, Friday 21 May 2004

Hey: If you're thinking of buying used, try for one of the old Nomad Zen models. Built like bricks and very affordable. If you're want a new one, though, get the Dell DJ. Cheap (underpriced, so as to gouge the competition -- good news for you), sturdy, with the well-honed Creative Labs interface. It doesn't have the shiny trendy street cred, but that's all the more reason to get it, if you ask me. Plus, I, personally, think it's better-looking than the iPod. Anyway, consider it. More in-depth opinions can be found at Head-Fi. _
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02:19:14 PM, Friday 21 May 2004

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10:31:39 AM, Friday 21 May 2004

Marshall Mathers -> Cotton Mather -> Peter Cottontail -> B. Rabbit? _
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09:31:18 AM, Friday 21 May 2004

Mirabai Knight

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