The Plot Thickens

After it had been there for some time, it began to grow.

    This is my home page. It's just sort of there. I didn't really mean to do it. But it keeps getting bigger.

    Also: I'm sorry it looks bad on even slightly old browsers. I didn't mean to do it. I just sort of wrote it that way. The content should still be there. For now, you want an 800x600 monitor and version 4.0 of something, or Opera. It's quite nice in Lynx, too, somewhat perversely. Everything should look nice in Lynx, always. And I'm still working on the printable/degradable version.

Introducing Me

Another thing about the web page is that it belongs to me. I'm Moss Collum. I go to St. John's College. I sit in the computer lab doing nothing, and then go eat dinner. If you want to talk to me, you can walk up to me and talk. If you want to email me, my address is, or any of these others. I am good. I am also more important than Bill Gates.

    You can also see a separate page: introducing me, for a bigger, weirder introduction.

    Sadly, I have also put my hotlist online.

Little Things

Which is exactly what they are.

    Sixty Unrelated Words is what it says it is. You can go see.

    Elbow with Teeth is not what it says it is. I think I like it. The file was already there--I don't remember what I'd intended it to be.

    Reds helps distinguish between two of them. 24-bit monitors only, please. It was to settle a debate two freshman were having about the use of the word 'more'.

    What Is In Moss's Home Directory answers this simple question with my first cgi script ever.

    Bloglet is a tasty chunk of web goodness every time I log in.

Bigger Things

A little thing only uses one file.

    Spiffy But Content Free is the hippest, smartest, peachiest web-zine around, updated every Sunday.

    Twenty-two dollars is a sort of exhibition of sentences. I recommend starting somewhere near the middle.

    What Little Software I've Written is a library, slowly becoming less and less appropriately named, of programs that I've written--mostly perl and shell scripts, a little bit of C.

    Items is a little like what bloglet would be if it were less frequent and much longer. Or something.

A Good Idea Has No Magnitude

You're in the computer lab...
You need something fun to do...
You've already played Tetris for 8 hours...
What can you do?

It's quite simple really:
There is a button on your monitor.
It says 'DEGAUSS'.
Push it.