St. John's

This is the One True Email Address Of Moss. It's my address here at college, and will be forwarded for a year or so after I leave. After that... there's no telling what I'll do.


This is the oldest address I have that still works. I check it occasionally (very occasionally) to see if anyone has emailed me, and usually there's a message or two lurking there from old mailing lists.

P.S. I just checked back at hotmail again, and it turns out that they delete your address if you don't use it for 90 days. So this address is now DEAD DEAD DEAD.


I have an account on Juno, that I use when I'm at my Mother's non-internet-connected house in New Hampshire and can't afford to call Maryland.

obvious mail

It's from Stating the Obvious, how bad could it be?

Yahoo Mail

Mr. Findler was getting one, so I got one too... I don't use it much, but when I logged on the other day I found fourteen spams.


I thought I had another iName address, but they seem to have forgotten about it. So I got this one recently.

Cleveland FreeNet

I've had and loved this one for ages, but now I can't remember my password. ACK!

AltaVista Mail

It appears that they're actually run by iName, but I got one here anyway. One hopes they won't be offended.