A Hotlist

So, I added a hotlist page. "My Hotlist" I wrote on it, in classic irritating internet form, as if it were "My Yahoo" or "My Computer" or God knows what other computer-lurking horror. In this case, at least, it actually is mine. "My Hotlist" is not your hotlist.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the links.

Cosma's Home Page

One of the few good personal home pages I've seen. Depending on how broadly you define home page, it may be the only good home page I've ever seen. It's kind of sprawling, and doesn't have a terribly clear purpose, but it's hard to go wrong just browsing around it.

Note that Mr. Shalizi also has the honor of publishing the Cthulhu Hymnal.


If you browse the web constantly enough to be reading my hotlist, you've probably already seen this. If you haven't, enjoy it: web sites don't often get this good.

I didn't remember rembember that I'd unequivocally praised this page. It is true, I quite like it, and in no way dislike it, but I can imagine others reacting differently. If you dislike it, I can accept none of the blame.


Suck sold out months (years?) ago. It's still riotously funny more often than not. And there are back issues.

Note also that Suck was co-founded by the obscenely prolific Carl Steadman.

Tiger Mapping Service

On a completely different note: TIGER is a little tool offered by the US Census. It generates maps. Maps with neat statistics. It's cool. I like it.


There are books on-line. You are aware of this. I was also aware of this. I even knew where to find some of them. Athena knows where to find almost all of them. This makes Athena good. Book after book after book. All arranged in one simple directory, in alphabetical order by author.

The St. John's Collection

In order: The St. John's College Home Page, The Directory of Student Home Pages, Derek Alexander's Page, Patrick Donahue's Page, Ben Speakmon's Page. These pages, such as they are, form the core set of pages one should look at at St. John's.

There are some other things to see at St. John's, but you can get to them from these.


This is here largely for my use, as I haven't actually looked at it yet. It's an introduction to lambda calculus and a simple interpreter.

A Standard for Site Organization

A particularly good Stating the Obvious. It's exactly what it says: a good standard directory structure for web sites to use.

die earth scum

When confronted with this page, I got out of my earlier comment on the lack of good home pages by claiming that this is not a home page but a random work of art. In any case, it's a good whatever it is.

It also has a fetish page that is not to be missed.

It's a collection of all those good collaborative sites. I don't have links to any of them, which is something of an oversight, so here's a link to a better list than I could have done anyway.

Of course, it is related to the classic


They give you stuff to read their advertising. Yes, it's sleazy. Yes, it's not remotely like what I'm sure we all hoped the web would become. All the same, it's rather appealing, as an extreme extension of the febbie summer free-jelly-bellies thing. So without further ado, let me present: the first image ever on my web site. Oh, they've changed their name to MyPoints (or merged with MyPoints, or something)... these aren't anything to do with my own style of points, of course, but I am offering 150 points to anyone who joins, just because I like the ambiguity of it.
Join the MyPoints Program. Earn free

C Library Reference

It's a reference guide to ANSI C. If it's as complete as it appears to be, it could be extroardinarily useful. Haven't really checked it out much yet, but am marking just in case.

Semantic Rhyming Dictionary

This is possibly the coolest toy I've ever seen on the web. Given two words, it finds rhymes for the first that match as closely as possible the meaning of the second. archive

An archive of newsgroup reviews from Looking for something good on usenet? This may well tell you where to look.