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Winamp 5?! Boy, have I been out of the loop. I remember when Winamp 3 was all controversial and shiny. Just gotta delete about ten gigs of mp3s to free up some space (I'm down to my last 200 meg, heh), and check the little bugger out. _
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12:39:11 AM, Sunday 25 January 2004

Guess I'm working tonight after all. No bar for me. But weekends are easy -- no getting people up. And money is good. And the weekend guy keeps the T.V. down pretty low, compared to the other two. I'll wear my new gangsta pants. _
11:18:39 PM, Saturday 24 January 2004

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07:34:53 PM, Friday 23 January 2004

Two books I think I'm gonna have to buy pretty soon:

Street of Crocodiles, by Bruno Schultz

The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr . . . together with a fragmentary Biography of Kapellmeister Johannes Kreisler on Random Sheets of Waste Paper, by E. T. A. Hoffmann

Hopefully Shakespeare & Co. will be able to order 'em. I tried to order Alberchtsberger's concerto for Mandora and Jew's Harp from Rockin' Rudy's a while back, and they said they couldn't get it, so I might have to go through the internet for it. I do try to do my duty as an upstanding consumer and all, but sometimes it just don't work, y'know? _
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10:16:52 PM, Thursday 22 January 2004

C.P.E. Bach is eating my brain. _
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09:38:53 AM, Thursday 22 January 2004

My mom wants to find some good restaurants in Prague. She's been looking through tourist guides and things, but I don't want to see her duped into paying lots of money for mediocre food just 'cause a place finagled itself a high rating. Anyone know anyplace reputable, or where I might go to find one? _
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12:13:58 AM, Thursday 22 January 2004

A hazard of listening to The Lyre of Orpheus and Leonard Cohen in quick succession: it causes one to strut down the street singing,

"Geraint no cure, Geraint no cure, Geraint no cure for love...!" _
09:44:17 AM, Wednesday 21 January 2004

Well, my best shirt's too small,
but my worst one fits just right
You know my best shirt's too small,
but oh my worst one fits just right
I don't know which one to wear now
'Cause either way I look a fright. _
08:21:29 PM, Tuesday 20 January 2004

Today I saw a $10,000 reward poster for a man who murdered three people in Ravalli county. He was wearing a top hat and a leather duster.

Tonight I saw a boy swinging flaming weights on the ends of long chords. He called them poi, and told me they were kevlar wicks dipped in kerosene. He was very good at it -- intricate patterns, blinding quick. It was wonderful to see the snow come down onto the fire.

I also saw four or five thick icicles all braided together by a fence. I guess they had dripped off some sort of many-pronged plant. I desperately wanted to break them, 'cause I feel like half the satisfaction in icicles is the breaking... but I didn't. _
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04:12:15 AM, Tuesday 20 January 2004

Scarlatti:Techno::Amvets:Dickensian Similes _
03:59:26 AM, Tuesday 20 January 2004

T.I.A.I.L.W.: My high school trumpet teacher. For old time's sake. _
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09:12:02 PM, Monday 19 January 2004

My bottle of EZ-Cheez sits right next to my bottle of contact lens solution on a high shelf in my room. I'm so glad I don't live in a wacky screwball comedy. _
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08:57:52 PM, Monday 19 January 2004

Sigh... here it comes again. Yup. No mistaking it.


Damn, that was a bad one. Oof. _
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02:51:13 PM, Sunday 18 January 2004

T.I.A.I.L.W.: Juanita McMahon. Beyond belief. Miraculous. _
12:53:46 AM, Sunday 18 January 2004

"I mean, the kid writes like Ben Jonson on novocaine. You know what I'm saying, here?" _
11:03:18 PM, Saturday 17 January 2004

Now that I'm all blazing through the net like a Mauritanian luger, I've decided to go out and exploit some free hookups for that sweet sweet music. I've spent the morning trawling a place called Peoplesound. It's got lots of classical stuff, some of it rare, and pretty much all of it decent. Oh, and free. Free! I love this. Damn yes I do. _
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01:27:15 PM, Saturday 17 January 2004

T.I.A.I.L.W.: Alice McVeigh. _
12:04:59 PM, Saturday 17 January 2004

* Flamingsword has joined #Eden

(also this. Via HogBlog.) _
11:05:04 AM, Saturday 17 January 2004

In the words of my examining physician: "Left lumbar tattoo: four-way palindrome."

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03:48:20 PM, Friday 16 January 2004

Burial at Sea. _
03:41:40 PM, Friday 16 January 2004

Mirabai Knight

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