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This is the personal weblog of Moss Collum, a programmer living in Boston, MA. I used to have a description here of what I tend to blog about, but whenever I try to nail down a few main topics, I end up getting interested in something else. If you want to know what to expect, browsing the recent archives should give you some idea.

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Note that the "Bloglet" of my page title is the Perl script I use for my blogging, not the other, better known Bloglet.


The * is a convention used by linguists to indicate a sentence that a native speaker would not consider grammatical. _
08:18:28 PM, Thursday 3 December 2015


What I would have said to Julia just now if she was upstairs:
I daresay you'll want some tea with dinner, so let me go ahead and put the kettle on.
What the language module of my brain appears to now believe I should say when she gets upstairs:
* I daresaid you'd want some tea with dinner, so I went ahead and put the kettle on. _
08:18:03 PM, Thursday 3 December 2015


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