pause for unix

Quite frankly, I don't know whether Unix has a pause command of its own or not. I looked for about five minutes one day, when I needed one, and I couldn't find one. So, I dug up a handful of things I remembered about C, and wrote this program. I can't imagine that such a thing is really absent, so I've likely reproduced someone else's much more effective work, but I can't say I really care. Anyhow, this works on my system--maybe it will work on yours.



I'm quite sure that this one reproduces someone else's work: I've used some of the other HTML macro sets for vi. I happen to prefer this one, though I certainly fine-tune it from time to time. Doesn't do much, but it lets me type the tags I wan't without quite so many keystrokes. If you use vi, the source code will give you some idea of how the macros work (Really!).



I have to telnet in to the school's server to check my mail. I use pine on FreeBSD. This does not make stupid subscription systems like Microsoft Internet Explorer plausible options, even if they were moral ones. So, I wrote this. When I run it (every time I log on, but I'm thinking of changing that) it goes to the web page I specify, checks if the page is different from my last archived copy, and emails me a copy of it. It converts the pages to text using lynx, so it doesn't matter that my email program can't read html.



I'm writing a useful program, as a first step towards which I've written a clone of who. A clone of who is not useful, but you can see it if you like.



Funnies is a program to collect a series of comic strips from the web on a single page. It has a group of subroutines defining various gathering methods, and a configuration file telling it what to get and how to get it. It is written in Perl.
funnies: The Program
funnies.cfg: The Configuration File
lightning.prohosting.com/~mcollum/cgi-bin/funnies.cgi: The Live Version


My latest Perl script is not a CGI script. It's a simple script to let me add to my sort-of-weblog-thing. It may be the most concise weblog script possible.
bloglet: The Program
bloglet-template.html: An HTML document to edit
bloglet.html: My own bloglet


coming soon: version 2.0