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I wonder sometimes how comparable good designs in radically different media are. In particular, modern architecture and printing seem to have very similar relations to classical architecture and printing[1] , and several styles of architecture seem (to me at least) to correspond to certain styles of print design. I'd [like to know] if people with more experience in these fields also notice this.

What is good design?

This, of course, points to the possibility of some general description of good design. ('But surely all these virtues must have some look in common, O Meno!')[2]

At the moment, I'm totally at a loss for what this would consist of, but there are definitely some good examples out there. Cleanliness, elegance, and good proportion all play a part.

[1] if something invented in the 15th century can ever really be classical

[2] It's a reference to Plato's Meno, if you aren't one for philosophy, and thus don't know. One of the main benefits of a liberal arts education from St. John's College is the ability to drop in random references like that in places where they really aren't very useful, and I, for one, am going to take advantage of this opportunity.

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